You Can’t Get The Right Loan Margin? No Problem

We all love to have a home to call our own. Face it, we have reached a new milestone in our lives when we can finally leave our rented apartment and move into that magical place where we can customise to our liking.

But with the interest rate rising and land prices soaring through the roof, is that dream even attainable?

To put things into perspective, a home that costs RM300,000 would require a minimal down payment of RM30,000 with a 90% loan margin.

If you are only able to secure a loan margin of 80%, the down payment would be a whopping RM60,000. And we are only discussing the maths concerning a RM300,000 home.

Just a recap, in Malaysia you can only apply for a 90% loan margin for your first two residential properties. Towards your third property, the maximum loan you can apply for is only 70%.

Hence, if you are a property investor aiming to own many properties, here is a glass ceiling that could be hard to crack.

HCK Capital understands the obstacles faced by homebuyers and property investors. Hence, we have established the HCK Credit and Leasing to help people who have trouble securing the ideal loan margin to buy their dream home.

How does it work? Simple. HCK Credit and Leasing shall provide in most cases the shortfall in the margin of financing you will get from the banks, with very flexible repayment terms.

With such an arrangement in place, home buyers get a huge financial boost that is certain to put their renting days behind.

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