This HCK division focuses on technology to drive all aspects of the Group’s businesses. The core of all that we at HCK do in this digital era involves digitalisation, globalisation and diversification. Our innovative applications, software and expertise provide our platforms new and creative business approaches, for that cutting edge in a fast changing and competitive property development industry.


Titanium Roundtable is an App designed specifically to recognise, reward, incentivise and monetise real estate agencies and their agents

Titanium Edge which generates brand loyalty by providing incentives to purchasers to further invest in HCK properties

Titanium Circle encourages positive referrals by rewarding successful word of mouth marketing with its own list of prizes


Social media has become an integral part of everyday life, with social media platforms allowing people across the globe to connect through postings and images It has a huge impact on people’s decision making and Focus Time Studio aims to create quality content that will attract the right end users to HCK platforms It also helps build the foundation for its own social media influencers to mould public opinion, properly controlling the narrative with regards to HCK properties


PropertyWise is a web based Module designed to offer complete software suites for the comprehensive handling of a property From the initial planning stages right to completion and beyond, the PropertyWise module will utilise various tech platforms to make property ownership a hassle and headache free experience. Each relevant App is designed to smoothen the process with hassle free and time saving digital solutions. This comprehensive ecosystem of Apps will transform
and revolutionise the property industry allowing for seamless transactions


i-Constech grants you access to the most suitable suppliers, most relevant materials, and most optimised costings anywhere, anytime! With access to big data and combining artificial intelligence with the expertise of our value engineers, our platform is an efficient tool that recommends alternatives for the most cost-efficient estimates for your property construction. This value engineering app is an industry game changer.


Metaprop which will aid in the crucial stage of placing of the property in the market and ensuring it fetches maximum value for the owner. This stage will seek to tap the enormous potential of the metaverse. This new ecosystem is often hailed as
Web 3.0. It is this sphere that many anticipate future businesses will be conducted and MetaProp App will aid and assist property owners navigate this new and exciting new frontier.

Tech Alliances Ltd

Tech Alliances Ltd helps to transform the Malaysian property sales sector in a smart and sustainable manner by facilitating the adoption of digital technologies. The results, based on real-time data and pertinent strategies for improvement of the local property and construction sectors, are expected to pave the way for inducing sustainable digital marketing trends, enhancing capabilities, and uplifting the industry as a whole.


Imagine Engineers Ltd is a development consulting firm. We have helped companies in planning and developing prominent projects in areas of concepts and value propositions. We focus on building long-term relationships with developers of all sizes to build quality developments in an effective and efficient manner. We help to imagine the future.

HCK Real Estate Academy

HCK Real Estate Academy offers short real estate related courses that will provide relevant stakeholders with unique insights into key areas of the property industry. These include maximising rental yield, marketing and sales of property as well as property investment.

A specially curated panel of academics and industry experts will share their in-depth knowledge to enhance stakeholders’ experience in the property market. Relevant stakeholders who will benefit from these courses include real estate agents, landlords and property investors. Armed with the knowledge from these courses, they will be better placed to advice clients and to make educated decisions.

Candidates who successfully complete the courses will be awarded Professional Certificates of Competency, leading them to a micro-credential award from SEGi’s Master of Accountancy (MA) Programme. HCK Real Estate Academy is a component of HCK Capital Group’s Platform Division and is operated in collaboration with SEGi University.