Walk This Way – Benefits Of Walking For Older Adults

Not everyone can spare the time for gym workouts to stay fit. This is especially true for senior citizens or even those approaching middle age. One of the simplest ways to maintain a balanced lifestyle is to put aside time for just walking. 

There is no need for any expensive gear or dedicated workout spaces for a person to indulge in a spot of foot motion. Nor is there any need for any sort of specialist training. Here are some benefits of walking for the not-so-young:

Improved Heart Health

Taking a brisk walk for even just 15 minutes a day elevates the heart rate. This will help reduce the risk of heart problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even heart attack. This simple activity can also lower the risk of diabetes and stroke.

Lower Blood Sugar

Elderly folk are more likely to experience a spike in blood sugar post-meal. Walking after a meal can greatly help with digestion and use the increased blood sugar to strengthen muscles. Diabetics who rely on insulin will also find that the medication works better when coupled with daily post-meal strolls.

Pain Management

Walking is the perfect low-impact exercise for senior citizens to gently exercise the body and slowly reduce any existing aches and pains. This is achieved by lubricating the joints in usual problem areas like the knees and back. 

Walking can also alleviate the consistent pain from arthritis by strengthening the muscles around the joints while putting less pressure on the joints themselves.

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