Vertical mixed buildings becoming increasingly popular

‘Vertical mixed use building’ is a term that refers to a property that combines office, commercial, retail, residential, entertainment and even industrial uses under one roof. The concept itself is nothing new – the ubiquitous shop house design that dot the Malaysian property landscape is a prime example of a mixed use building.

On a larger scale, vertical mixed use buildings may comprise retail on ground floor with office and residential or even lifestyle spaces on upper floors, all complemented by ample basement parking. Vertical mixed used buildings are different from horizontal mix-use developments. The latter combines various single-use buildings in a mixed-use lot or geographical area, allowing the combination of dwellings and businesses to evolve into a walkable neighbourhood. In urban areas, these horizontal mixed use developments sometimes repurpose a grouping of abandoned buildings, often ones previously used as factories or warehouses.

Mixed use buildings have grown in popularity, especially post-pandemic where building owners seek to populate large structures with different types of tenant. Such vertical mixed use buildings appeal to a wide variety of customers, both young corporate high flyers as well as senior citizens. There is the inherent convenience of having all modern conveniences such as FnB outlets, essential services (eg banks) and amenities (eg healthcare) within easy walking distance. Having less dependency on cars also appeal to environmentally-conscious buyers and tenants who want to practice sustainability and be free of traffic snarls.

Many vertical mixed use properties are often located near other community amenities such as public parks, education institutions and hospitals, making them highly desirable. This concept also appeal to landlords who will want a wider market for their spaces.

One such vertical mixed use building is HCK Tower – a 38-level Grade A building located in the mature and affluent neighbourhood of Damansara Perdana. With a mixture of office and lifestyle spaces, the building exudes luxury and elegance, especially its exquisitely designed lobby. The grand entrance will certainly create the right impression on visitors to organisations using HCK Tower as a business address.

The corporate character of the building is also extended to the lifestyle component – the Platinum Premium Suites. Incorporating high end furnishings that befit a corporate high flyer with discerning tastes, the mixed use building also boasts a number of co-owned facilities that allow for networking opportunities. These include work spaces as well as causal lounges that encourage interaction and also conducive to high-powered discussions.

There will be a sneak preview of the Platinum Premium Suites at HCK Capital Group’s Infinite Gallery on  30 Aug 2023. To find out more about HCK Tower, please contact: