The Imperial Amazing Race Brings Excitement & Fosters Closer Bonds

The Imperial Amazing Race is an outdoor event for children aged 6 to 16 years old, with option to be accompanied by parents. They are to visit checkpoints and complete exciting activities. This event will orient the children with the surroundings of Imperial International School in Ipoh, bring excitement and foster closer family bonds as well as put them in great stead for the year ahead.

The Imperial Amazing Race runs through multiple outlets, namely Sun Heng, Uncle Don’s, Chakori and Fei Bo. The final checkpoint will end up at Imperial International School.

At each checkpoint, participants are required to check in the Facebook page of respective outlet through either their FB account or accompanying parent’s FB account. The child is to take a picture of himself or herself while in the outlet. The picture has to be posted through FB before the participant could attain a checkpoint stamp. It is a wonderful convergence where explorative spirit is merged with the convenience of today’s technology.

Participants who have visited the first 4 outlets will receive door gifts. At the 5th or final destination, which is at Imperial International School, participants are to complete special activities assigned by the school representatives in order to be eligible to win grand prizes worth up to RM8,000 (T&C apply).

By following map to iconic locations and attempt to complete exciting activities, participants will get to enjoy the thrill of an amazing race and attain awesome memories. The Imperial Amazing Race starts from 5th January to 31st January 2021.

Interested individuals could contact 05-2375188 for more information regarding the school or The Imperial Amazing Race.