Student Safety is Paramount

Imperial International School welcomes back students with strict SOPs in place to ensure student and staff safety.

Imperial International School, Ipoh welcomed back students with the second term commencing on 5 Jan 2022. While students were visibly excited to be back in physical school after such a long hiatus, they were subject to strict SOPs to ensure their well-being and to avoid further disruption to their studies.

“At Imperial, student and staff safety is a top priority. Some of the measures we have implemented may seem inconvenient but it is a necessity in the ‘new normal’ that everyone must get acclimatised to,” says Katherine Claire Beadle, Principal of Imperial International School. “I, myself, have observed a strict quarantine upon returning from my Christmas holidays in the United Kingdom as have all other expatriate teachers. We must do everything possible to ensure a safe learning and working environment for everyone at Imperial.”

Among the measures taken is strict daily temperature screening as well as new layouts to facilitate proper social distancing in all communal areas. Regular cleaning and disinfecting are carried out keep the school’s premises hygienic and sterile. New physical education regimes have also been designed to keep somatic contact at a minimum.

“However, we recognise that not everything is under our control and that the pandemic can lay waste to the best laid plans. Over the last year or so, our teachers have become battle-hardened online experts who are now very comfortable and proficient in delivering lessons via the internet,” underlines Beadle. In keeping with Imperial’s ethos of making learning fun and exciting, lessons have been tailored to fit the new digital environment with plenty of group projects to ensure students do not feel isolated during online learning.

Prospective students and their parents are always welcome to visit the school’s campus daily but in keeping with the strict SOPs, kindly contact the admissions team at 017-6044968 or email to to schedule an appointment and to be fully briefed of visiting regulations.