Student Population Intrinsic to Appeal of Subang Jaya to Property Investors

Subang Jaya remains popular among property investors and a key reason for this is the high concentration of tertiary education institutions in the area. Alongside the many private and international schools, Subang Jaya has modelled itself as an ultra-hip location with a young and trendy crowd creating a buzz that only youth can do.

The original enclave was developed by SIME UEP and was probably instrumental in establishing it as a developer of repute. Over the decades, this affluent enclave has been expanded to include UEP Subang Jaya (USJ), Subang Heights and USJ Heights, with the suburb constantly at the centre of exciting new developments encompassing commercial, retail and residential components.

Subang Jaya is the very definition of a self-sustaining development and key to its success is the aforementioned private education hub. With institutions such as Taylor’s University and many others setting up campus in the area, the township benefits from the massive and constant influx of students, both domestic and international. Student footfall alone has led to a number of nearby commercial districts establishing themselves as hip destinations, with retail and food outlets catering to the young and trendy mushrooming in number.

Investors looking to capitalise on this should check out the soon-to-be completed edumetro development in USJ1. There remain a handful of retail units specifically designed to accommodate FnB businesses. Prospective restaurateurs will benefit greatly from having SEGi College at its doorstep.

This huge student population has also led to high demand for rented accommodation, making smaller apartment and lifestyle units immensely popular. Cleverly designed suites with a smart usage of floor space has also made such units a popular option for small yet efficient working spaces. The New Duo at edumetro with its separate unit entrances make it ideal as a co-working space. Students living in small single-room cubicles have also shared resources to share these lifestyle spaces for both leisure and study activities.


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