Secondary Properties And The Many Problems

Home buyers may find secondary properties appealing since there is no wait time, unlike those in the primary market.

Note that secondary properties are sub sale properties which have been previously owned, the transaction being facilitated by real estate agents. However, properties from the secondary market do have problems, and here they are:

Poor planning

Our parents may tell us childhood stories of them cycling for 2 hours to the shop to get a newspaper. Such stories are real because back then, townships were either very poorly planned or there was no planning in the first place.

Since secondary properties are usually located there, be ready to journey further away to meet your basic needs. Also, poor planning translates to fewer car parks, bad road connection, and the absence of greenery. Unless you own a helicopter, traffic congestion is not a pleasant thing. All these add up towards the decline of your quality of living.

All the things you do not see

Unlike newly made homes, the older ones usually harbor hidden defects that are not apparent. For example, the timber that forms the support structure of your home may be rotten or half-eaten by termites.

Old wiring in the electrical system can get faulty as time goes by. In a worst case scenario, it may start a fire in your home. Upon purchasing a secondary property, you may be surprised that it also comes with free friends! A cockroach or rat infestation may not be obvious during your brief visit to view the property.

It seems that properties on the primary market might be a better choice after all. However, smart home buyers will purchase their homes from reputable property developers. Malaysia already has enough unpleasant stories of abandoned housing projects. 

Property developer HCK Capital previously became a white knight to help the ailing Remix 2 development in Subang Jaya, without which it would likely have become an abandoned project.

HCK Capital further gained recognition by winning several categories in the prestigious Malaysia Developer Award 2023. These achievements are strong endorsements for HCK’s projects which can be found at: