Personalised Learning Approach Proven Effective

School curriculums differ across the globe, but they essentially aim to educate a child, mostly using the same traditional methods and syllabuses.

Imperial International School in Ipoh, Perak, has gone the extra mile with their teaching and learning approaches. Under the direction of Principal Katherine Beadle, the school practices a personalised learning approach, and this is one of the reasons the school has churned out high achievers since its inception.

Now this question may be popping up in your head – What is personalised learning?

Using the results of base-line tests at the start of each topic, teachers identify the key areas that each child needs to develop, and sets a plan for the student to achieve these goals. The way the child works along with this plan is constantly monitored and reviewed throughout the term.

According to Katherine, a personalised method tailor makes the lessons and work given based on how the child learns. This method has been proven successful – it ensures not only the understanding of the child in terms of the lesson design, but ensures they exceed their potential.

Imperial does not believe in cutting a child’s options too early in their academic studies. While government schools place students in a science or arts stream, Imperial students will study all subjects up until the end of KS3 (ages 13-14).

Only then will they narrow their choices for their IGCSE exams based on their abilities and future aspirations. This warrants them to learn all subjects in their formative up to adolescent years, ensuring they don’t miss out on general subjects such as Science and Maths.

“We have a duty to develop a child’s individuality, their confidence, their respect and a self-belief that with hard work and determination, they can achieve whatever they dream of. I am proud that Imperial goes a long way to achieve these goals,” said Katherine.

She is confident that Imperial’s students will go out into the world as fully fledged individuals with the necessary skills to equip them for the challenges that lie ahead.