Peninsula Grammar Head Visits For QA Exercise

Peninsula International School has close ties with its parent institution in Australia with regular quality assurance exercises ensuring high standards are maintained.

Head of Peninsula Grammar, Melbourne, Australia – Stuart Johnston – recently led a team of academics on a quality assurance exercise to its partner institution in Malaysia. The Peninsula International School in Setia Alam, Selangor is very proud of the fact that it is the only K12 institution outside of Australia to bear the prestigious Peninsula brand. A K12 institution refers to a school that offers programmes from pre-school to high school equivalent of ‘O’-level / SPM.

According to Felix Lee, Senior Director of HCK Group’s Education Division, many parents enrol their children at Peninsula (Malaysia) because it maintains exacting standards similar to its partner institution in Melbourne. “Mr Johnston and his team are here to ensure that the pedagogue of both institutions are mirrored exactly. From syllabus, teaching methods, right down to the education philosophy, we strive to achieve the same high standards, allowing our students to fully immerse themselves in the Victorian syllabus,” he states.

The QA mission has long been overdue as the pandemic blocked any travel plans but the Peninsula Grammar team were well impressed by what they saw at the Setia Alam campus. Both academics and students were closely monitored to ensure that the famed personalised teaching style of Peninsula Grammar was properly implemented. This is where lessons are tailored to fit each student’s strength and weaknesses, ensuring that no child is left behind and all students enjoy their education journey at Peninsula.

“To ensure high standards are mirrored, each teacher at Peninsula in Malaysia has a partner academic in Peninsula Grammar (Melbourne). This allows for a near identical delivery of the academic programmes,” Lee explains. “This is how a relatively new school like ours in Malaysia can mirror the experience and knowledge of a 60-year old institution abroad.”

Lee is also keen to point out that this approach of closely replicating Melbourne school’s pedagogue has produced great results with Peninsula graduates among the top 30% of those who sat for similar examinations worldwide. This has opened doors to top tier universities not just in Australia, but around the globe where the Victorian curriculum is highly regarded.

Johnston and his team of academics also met with parents of students at a coffee morning session where various issues were discussed. Firstly, Johnston was keen to alleviate any fears of parents that the partnership between the two schools were in jeopardy, citing the pandemic as the principal obstacle to regular QA visits. Johnston’s team also took on board various suggestions from parents and promised to try implement their recommendations. He also informed them that a student exchange programme was in the works and would see the light of day soon. This was certainly met with an enthusiastic response from parents eager for their children to sample life down under.

Peninsula International School is located in the bustling edusentral development in Setia Alam. The school is an integral part of HCK Group’s education cities concept where education institutions become a value added component of the development, attracting footfall to the locale. For more information on HCK Group’s education cities, please go to: . To speak to a Peninsula counsellor, please call: 03-50338000.