Our Final Year Students Graduated Top 30% In The World!

Final year students of Peninsula International School Australia (PISA) concluded their formal school journey with excellent Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) results that reflect their hard work during a challenging year. All students received the internationally recognised and accepted Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of over 70 – ATAR being the Australian equivalent of A-Level. This means that 100% of the final year students are placed in the top 30% in the world. Both teachers and students are delighted with this achievement.

“Parents too must be congratulated for this year’s VCE results. The support that they provided to students studying at home has in no small way contributed to the success of our Year 12 students,” asserts Guy Cassarchis, in-coming Principal of PISA. This is a remarkable feat for a low-key school, which was set up less than 3 years ago and also the first in Malaysia to offer Victorian Curriculum for primary and secondary education. Other VCE highlights for Peninsula International School Australia are as follows:

· 1 student has achieved ATAR above 90, placing him in the top 10% in the world. Congratulations to Kwan Juin Hao.

· 1 student has achieved a perfect score of 50.

· 57% of PISA’s students have finished in the top 20% in the world.

· 100% of PISA’s students have finished in the top 30% in the world.

Kwan Juin Hao