Making Every Square Inch Count – Pt I

There are multiple reasons for organisations opting for smaller office spaces in the post-pandemic world. There has been a paradigm shift in work habits with many preferring to work-from-home and online business meetings and transactions now the norm, there is less need for large office spaces.

Some organisations have used this change in square footage requirements as an opportunity to move into more prestigious corporate addresses. While the benefits of creating the right impressions with a corporate office address are numerous, it must not be negated with a tiny, cramped office that looks like an overflowing storage unit.

Part I of this article shares some tips on how to make a small office look much larger than it seems:

        • Custom Make Furniture
          Custom fitted office furniture is a good idea when trying to maximise space. Not only will the office look more spacious but the bespoke fittings, done properly, will exude an air of exclusivity and uniqueness.
        • Clear Floor Space
          Clear up valuable floor space by moving as many storage units onto ceiling level. The extra floor space will help create the illusion that the office is larger than it actually is.
        • Utilise Tech Platforms for Storage
          Nothing clutters up offices like stacks of cumbersome and difficult to access clipboard folders and files. It’s the 21st century, get with the programme and sign up for cloud storage platforms that could easily free up valuable office space.
        • Go Wireless
          Bluetooth technology has essentially reduced the need for unsightly cables snaking through an office. Only use cables for the essential items and do have them properly concealed which will give the office a much tidier look.
        • Paint it Bright
          Use bright colours to give the office a positive and energetic vibe. If the corporate colour is of a darker hue, try to offset it with bright colours in common areas.

There will be more tips on how to make a small office look bigger in Part II of this article. For an ideal location to set up a small office and try out the above ideas, please visit: