Live Talk on Choosing International Schools Set to Take Place

HCK Education will be hosting a Live Talk by Mr Felix Lee, its Executive Director for the education division under HCK Capital Group, this coming October 23rd
Felix will be speaking at a webinar regarding the international school curricula in Malaysia at 11am. 

He will be sharing his experience and insights on the various school curricula in Malaysia, and further delving into how each child learns, and why it is important to match each child with the right curriculum. 

He will also be putting forward and answering the ultimate question of why one should choose a private education, particularly at the Malaysian campus of Peninsula International School Australia. 

To which he follows with this question: Is it about the destination (which would be your examination results), or is it about the JOURNEY?  

If you feel these questions are intriguing enough, and you’re curious to learn more before picking just about any school for your child, do tune in to this live session! 

There will only be 50 slots available, therefore you’d surely want to book your spot while you still can. Registration is now open, so simply click on the link below to register and book your spot: