Imperial Cultivates the Love of Books with World Book Day

Imperial International School takes active measures to encourage good reading habits amongst students. ­­

It has often been said that the love of the written word is the basis of greater understanding and learning about the world around us. Many educationists have spoken of the decline in good reading habits amongst the younger generation; closely linking it with addiction to online and other digital media.

Imperial International School (Imperial) seeks to redress this balance with a series of fun activities that promotes the love of reading. Held in conjunction with World Book Day celebration from May 16 to May 20, students were encouraged to share their favourite books with show-and-tell reports.

“A simple show-and-tell not only allowed students to share their passions but also help improve their public speaking,” says Renita Simmunjalam, Imperial’s Marketing and Admissions Manager. “Furthermore, we find that students are more receptive when recommended books by their peers rather than teachers or parents.”

Renita also points out that many international schools have well-appointed libraries but would be moot if they are under-utilised. Hence, Imperial’s approach is to first plant the seeds for the love of reading. The academic staff at Imperial have noted an improvement in comprehension, grammar as well as better writing proficiency in students who cultivate strong reading habits. In addition, Imperial also offers guided reading as one of the subject in their classroom learning.

“Instead of being forced fed lessons on grammar, we find it helpful when students pick it up through constant reading,” confirms Renita. “The long-term objective is for Imperial to produce well-read, knowledgeable graduates ready for higher learning at varsities around the world.”

One of the more popular activities was the extreme reading photography competition where students were invited to submit snaps of themselves reading in strange and interesting places. The contest was ultimately won by Meera Raaji (Year 1) who said, “I love reading and I always carry a book when following my mother around when she does her chores.”

Imperial International School offers the Cambridge IGCSE syllabus, with classes catering from primary to O-levels. Its personalised teaching approach also ensures that students always feel included in lessons and their individual strengths and weaknesses are catered to.

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