House Defects The Horror That Catches Homebuyers Unaware

You are absolutely excited to move into your new home. That was after a wait of a few years since you signed your sales and purchase agreement. Now after the Certificate of Completion and with the keys in your hand, you step into your apartment unit to find several features not mentioned in the glossy brochure the real estate agent handed you.

 There is a long crack on the ceiling of your new home and you wonder if the contractor placed it there as an abstract art. The water pipe doesn’t produce water when you turn it on. Maybe the unit is green-friendly, hence they don’t promote water wastage.

When it rains, you notice water dripping from the ceiling. Are they subtly trying to get you into the habit of rainwater harvesting? Denial is comforting but we all know those are house defects.

 Yes, you are still able to get those defects repaired for free during the defects liability period. Under the Housing Development Act, the defects liability period is 24 months for individual title or 36 months for strata title, starting from the date you receive your keys.

 But then, the contractor when contacted is unable or unwilling to rectify those defects. Your home sweet home just turned into a house of nightmares. If it was your intention to buy the home for homestay purposes, then your plans to move in have been delayed. That crazy housewarming party will have to wait.

 If you are a property investor looking to generate rental income from the unit, then you are incurring costs for every month of the wait. At HCK Capital Group, we are fully aware of such horror stories from those unfortunate homebuyers.

 We understand your concern and that concern has driven us to work with reputable contractors to deliver quality homes to our homebuyers. Although HCK Capital Group itself is not a contractor, we maintain proper communication and coordination with the responsible ones.

 There may be defects, but when you buy into a product from developers with reliable track records, there is little room for heartbreaks or homebreaks.