HCK REA Officially Appoints Speakers For Its Courses

HCK Capital Group recently launched its Real Estate Academy in collaboration with SEGi University, offering one-day courses designed to improve and enhance the property experience of various stakeholders.

A luncheon was held at HCK Tower to welcome and officially appoint the speakers who will share their considerable knowledge and experience at these courses. In attendance was Dr Gooi Leong Mow, SEGi University’s Programme Leader (MBA) cum Postgraduate Lecturer for the Graduate School of Business, who will speak on the ins and outs of property investment. 

The popular SYNC Brothers – Elvin and Eric Wong – will share their knowledge on how to maximise a property’s rental returns whilst SR Philip Looi will give insights into marketing of properties. The Makeover Guys’ Chief Sales Officer – Vincent Lim – will be on board as a guest speaker to share tips on how to maximise a property’s potential.

HCK Capital Group will also further leverage on its industry expertise with its Director of Business Alliances – Wendy Cheow – sharing her expertise in sales and marketing.

“At HCK, we like to think outside of the box and the Real Estate Academy is our attempt to bring something different to the table. These courses will give attendees a wider perspective allowing them to better advise clients and make educated decisions in the property market,” counsels Cheow.

“Furthermore, we are offering these courses at a very reasonable price compared to the going market rate for sessions with speakers of this calibre. I strongly urge real estate agents, in particular, to improve their portfolios by signing up,” counsels Cheow.

For more information on HCK REA, please contact: 018-9691964 / rea@hckcapital.com .