HCK REA Offers Continued Learning Opportunities For Real Estate Agents 

Liew is in his mid-20s and is a successful real estate agent, having started in the industry post-SPM. His hard work and perseverance allowed him to lead a fairly comfortable lifestyle with bi-annual holidays abroad as well as being able to afford some of the nicer things in life.

However, Liew regrets not putting in hard work during his school days which led to subpar grades. He missed out on following many of his classmates into higher education. This was a void he was determined to fill but was unsure how given his less-than-sterling SPM grades.

The opportunity to fill that gap in his CV presented itself when he found out about HCK Real Estate Academy (HCK REA) via another real estate agent. Set up by HCK Capital Group as a platform for relevant stakeholders to enhance their experience in the property industry, HCK REA offers short one-day courses that combine industry experience alongside academic rigour.

Liew was pleased to know there were no entry requirements. Even better, some sessions were conducted in Mandarin which was ideal for him given his lack of proficiency in English.

He was also delighted to find out that candidates who successfully complete the courses will be awarded Professional Certificates of Competencies, a micro-credential from SEGi University’s Master of Accountancy (MA) Programme.

Further investigation revealed that many of the courses would feature renowned speakers in the property field such as the famed SYNC Brothers, with fees lower than the market rate for such talks.

Liew didn’t need further convincing and signed up for the first session on Property Taxation, feeling that it was an area that he needed brushing up on. 

After enjoying that session, Liew made plans for future courses on ‘Maximising Rental Yields’ and ‘Marketing Properties’. He will now have some relevant certificates to adorn his office walls and fill that gaping void.

For more information on HCK REA, please contact: 012-3886775.