Going the Extra Mile

Giving just that little bit extra and going beyond the call of duty. That is the ethos that pervades Peninsula International School’s philosophy, especially where student welfare is concerned. This was evidently clear when Peninsula International School (Malaysia) took the decision to test its entire student population upon their return to campus.

This is despite government ruling in Malaysia requiring that schools only need to randomly test 10% of its student numbers. This move to administer Rapid Antigen Tests on all students underline that Peninsula place student welfare as its top priority.

After the frustrations of stop-start schooling caused by the pandemic, Peninsula administrators were keen to avoid any outbreaks that would further disrupt the academic year. Primary and secondary students returned to the Setia Alam campus on 22 Jan 2022 and all were looking forward to face-to-face lessons and more pertinently, a chance to reconnect with their friends in person. The broad smiles on all the returning students’ faces is testament to their eagerness to return to physical learning.

While Peninsula did its utmost to deliver lessons online during the pandemic, there is nothing like education in a dedicated learning environment like its purpose-built campus.

As Peninsula is enforcing strict SOPs, potential parents who wish to visit the campus are advised to contact 03 5033 8000 for an appointment and also be briefed on the visiting requirements.