First Graduation Ceremony to Commence at Imperial

An immense amount of grit and resilience by the 2021 IGCSE batch in Imperial International School, Ipoh has resulted in an outstanding performance by all of these candidates.

Imperial will be hosting its very first graduation ceremony for the school’s five graduates, Chew Jia Hui, Chew Jia Wern, Yong Ee Lin, Nuur Syahiirah, and Chan Yen Au on 12th November, 2021.

The parents of these students have expressed just how happy they are about their child’s achievement, and are thankful for how the school has played a big role in making them successful.

They are grateful that their children now have a much higher chance of success in their chosen paths to venture on in the near future.

According to top scorer Jia Hui, “My parents always encourage me to study hard for a brighter future. They made me realise that IGCSE is an important exam as it paths the way to a good tertiary education.”

As these students prepare for their graduation, and hereafter the bright futures that await them, they have inspired the younger students by setting a benchmark for them and for the school.