Final Call for Home Ownership with HCK

As the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) draws to a close with the end of the year in sight, it will be the last chance for home buyers to embark on their property ownership journey. 

With HOC, buyers enjoy stamp duty exemptions which are given for residential properties. They’ll also enjoy a minimum of 10% discount from the stated property price. 

Being a government initiative under the Real Estate and Housing Developers’ Association Malaysia (REHDA), the HOC is designed to support homebuyers in purchasing property, and to encourage the sales of unsold properties in Malaysia’s housing market. 

The participating projects in this campaign include: Stanford, Yale, Cornell, Imperial and Princeton under the edusentral HOC, and Northwood, Covington and Foster under the edusphere HOC.

Upon signing up for this campaign, you will receive stamp duty exemption on both your loan and on your Memorandum of Transfer (MoT). 

The HOC has had a successful run since its inception – so grab your chance to be a home owner before the year ends, and save more when purchasing your home today.