Developer’s Reputation Key Consideration For Property Buyers

With abandoned projects being an ongoing problem in Malaysia, it is no surprise that property buyers always look at a developer’s reputation. It is a key factor influencing their purchase decisions as they will want their investment to be delivered in a timely fashion and adhere to the specifications promised. When evaluating a developer’s reputation, these are some of the considerations that property buyers take into account. 

Track record 

Having previous successes speaks volumes about a developer’s ability to deliver on its promises. It also allows potential buyers the chance to inspect first-hand the quality of the developments. This extends beyond just the quality of construction but also post-hand-over service and maintenance. A well-maintained development does wonders to convince others to invest in future developments. 

Visible presence 

Having a visible corporate address is a major plus point by creating the right impression. Purchasers are assured that the organisation is not a fly-by-night entity that can simply vanish along with their deposits. A corporate tower signals ambitions of being a long-term player in the highly competitive construction industry. 

Creative developments 

Purchasers are also keen to know that each development is underpinned by an overall design philosophy. Gone are the days of stack-em-high developments that lacked character and aesthetics. Today’s discerning buyers want more than just four square walls and are looking for key USPs that make the development stand out from the rest. 

For an example of a property developer that ticks all of the above boxes, please go to: