Create The Right First Impression With A HCK Tower Address

Thomas runs a successful online retail business specialising in children’s clothes. The strategic combination of keeping overheads minimal alongside buying in bulk from competitively-priced suppliers has allowed him to keep prices low, attracting a large number of orders.

He felt that it was time to expand his business and was looking for a logistics partner to efficiently deliver the goods to customers at a reasonable rate.

He did his due diligence and was particularly sold by one company’s pitch. He decided to pay a visit to the company’s business premises to get a better feel for their operations. Thomas was immediately awed upon his arrival at HCK Tower where the said logistics company HQ was located.

First of all, there was ample parking meaning that Thomas wasted little time looking for a bay. The front lobby was grand and opulent, giving off the feel of a five-star hotel.

It gave Thomas a lasting impression, who thought that the company must be fairly established to afford such a swanky premise. Arriving at the company’s office, Thomas was further fascinated that it had taken up the entire floor, signifying the size of the operations.

Brought to a well-appointed meeting room, Thomas was wowed by the stunning vistas of the surrounding area. He was informed by the general manager that the logistics company had recently moved into HCK Tower.

One of the reasons was its location in Damansara Perdana and the great accessibility via highways such as LDP and DASH.

Another factor was that HCK Tower was a vertical mixed-use building featuring retail and lifestyle units, which was particularly useful when the company hosted visiting regional staff.

Thomas was thoroughly convinced he had found the right partner to take his business forward. Looking to create the right impression with a premium corporate address? Check out HCK Tower by visiting: