Crafting Better Citizens with Quality Co-Curricular

Peninsula International School places great emphasis on co-curricular activities as a teaching tool.

Peninsula International School’s (Peninsula) holistic approach to education is designed to not just create better students; it is also intended to mould well-rounded citizens. The recent Kind Krafts co-curricular activity is a fine example of this where Upper Primary students undertook a number of activities to raise environmental awareness.

Students painted murals and posters to raise awareness on various issues related to World Water Day. They also hand crafted cards, bookmarks and art pieces to raise funds for various social causes. Students were also encouraged to adopt a tree as part of the week’s activities to encourage them to adopt a long term view towards eco-awareness and not just as a quickly-forgotten school project.

Such activities ensure Peninsula students are shaped into socially responsible citizens with a keen sense of activism.

“One of the key reasons parents opt for an international education is to allow their children to be exposed to plenty of such activities,” says Felix Lee, Executive Director of HCK Capital Group’s Education Division. He explains that there is a perceived lack of regular opportunities for children to expand their perspectives in national-type schools where the focus is more on rote learning and exam results. The lack of resources also mean a national-type school’s term calendar is not typically littered with such activities.

“At Peninsula, the classes are smaller and we have teaching assistants to help out with the many events and projects that we have systematically planned for our students,” says Lee. Typically, there is some form of extra- and co-curricular activity on a weekly basis to stimulate students beyond their normal class routine.

“Having regular activities that are designed to mould students into well-rounded individuals is very much part of the Peninsula approach,” opines Lee. “Parents who enquire about our school almost always ask about extra- and co-curricular activities, as they understand such activities are not only educational but make school a happy and fun place to be.”

When not busying themselves with these projects, Peninsula teachers take a personalised teaching approach in delivering the prestigious Victorian syllabus. Its purpose-built campus is located within the edusentral project in Setia Alam and features wide, open spaces for students to enjoy plenty of outdoor activities.

To find out more about Peninsula’s stimulating co-curricular activities, please arrange for a visit to its Setia Alam campus by calling: 03-50338000