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‘Can Eat or Not?’ Grows as Preferred Food Programme in Malaysia

If we had to choose just one reason for Malaysians to unite, without doubt, most Malaysians would say… FOOD.

It doesn’t matter what race, religion or background you come from, any Malaysian would never turn down a good plate of nasi lemak or roti canai.

Following our nation’s passion for food, video creator Focus Time Studio, one of the platforms under the HCK Capital Group, kicked off their first episode of ‘Can Eat or Not?’ almost a year ago in October 2020. It saw the three hosts, Kelvin, Saravanan, and Agnes, going on a search for the best nasi lemak in KL.

Fast forward to today, the programme has featured different cuisines and restaurants around Klang Valley. It has also reviewed and explored a wide variety of food options due to pandemic restrictions.

Both the hosts and the programme have truly grown and have become more refined and entertaining.

Focus Time TV aims to reach out to a wide range of audience by providing broad content that is uniquely Malaysian. Their YouTube channel currently has a total reach of 421,900 impressions, 41,500 total video views, with 400 subscribers and a total combined watching hours of 3,200 hours.

The viewership of ‘Can Eat or Not?’ has grown by almost 400% since it first started. As such, it aspires to be the next best food review show in the Klang Valley.

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