Best Footwear For Hiking – Pt I

Hiking has become a popular pastime, especially among city dwellers looking for an escape from the concrete jungle. Communing with nature is a great release for those toiling in office cubicles.

If you are new to hiking, there are several things you will need to familiarise yourself with. But let’s start with the right type of footwear.

Don’t just go for fancy shoes from a popular brand as they may not suit your individual needs. According to the HikingGuy website, these are the essential factors to consider when picking your hiking footwear:

1/ They should protect your feet. That means no cuts or bruises from the many hazards that hikers will undoubtedly come across.

2/ Comfort is key. You should be able to use those shoes without getting blisters.

3/ Keep them light weight. You will chart thousands of steps when you hike. Every ounce saved on lifting your feet is more energy to move farther.

The website also reminds newbie hikers on the importance of wearing the right socks. Socks come in different weights that equate to warmth. When it’s hot, go thinner.

Also, note that the heavier socks will fit tighter in a shoe, and may cause blisters due to the added friction. HikingGuy also concluded that wool socks are the best since these are sturdier and quick to dry.

If you are seriously into hiking, there really is no reason not to own a residence nearby one of the most popular hiking trails in the Klang Valley. To find out more, check out: