Agency Rewarded With European Trip

HCK Capital Group (HK) has always believed in an equitable distribution of profits as a means to further incentivise staff and its cadre of real estate agents, the latter who are seen as crucial in the successful closing of sales of its properties.

Just prior to the pandemic, HCK has mapped out an incentive scheme whereby agents from Revoll Realty Sdn Bh (Revoll) would be entitled to a grand holiday package worth over half a million Ringgit when pre-agreed sales target is met. Despite the many challenges posed by the pandemic, Revoll’s dedicated real estate professionals were able to meet their KPIs and activate this holiday bonus.

The happy and most definitely deserving agents recently returned from a HCK-sponsored sojourn to Switzerland, which included trips to the famed Swiss Alps. Revoll agents on the trip said it was a great feeling to be recognised and rewarded for their efforts, especially when faced by the many challenges posed by the pandemic. The ‘work hard, play hard’ ethos was very much on display and many of them say they are all geared to meet new targets again after the well-deserved holiday.

With the property market slowly but surely emerging from its Covid-induced slumber, these agents are raring to go again. Many are confident that they can do even better as improving market conditions aligned to HCK’s sterling reputation as an ethical and trustworthy developer should mean better prospects of closing deals for these agents, and therefore even better rewards from HCK.

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