Adversity No Barrier To Academic Success

Students from under privileged backgrounds defy odds to display academic excellence.

Perseverance, a good work ethic and a positive mind set, are some of the characteristics that can help children from under privileged backgrounds overcome setbacks. Aligned with good education, there is every possibility for such children to break the cycle of poverty and hardship.

Under privileged does not necessarily equate to under performers as children from the Hiichiikok Foundation proved. Coupled with a strong determination to succeed, the desire to equip themselves with higher academic qualifications drove them to put in the extra hours required to attain exemplary results.

Children from the Hiichiikok Foundation are constantly bombarded with the message that ‘education matters’. Aside from providing a safe and secure environment for underprivileged children, Hiichiikok Foundation goes to great lengths to ensure that each and every child under its care gets a proper education as it firmly believes that it is a route towards self-betterment.

The tireless efforts of Hiichiikok Foundation’s administrators was reflected in the exemplary SPM results of some of its charges late last year. A shining example is Shanya Savantharaja Naidu who scored six distinctions. A number of children who were regarded as academically weak when they joined the Home were also spurred to gain necessary certification.

“With proper guidance and a nurturing environment, there is no limit to what our children can achieve,” says Frieda Ngui, Guardian at the Hiichiikok Foundastion. “We firmly believes that education is a sure way to break the cycle of poverty and hardship.”

Hiichiikok Foundation’s commitment towards education is also highlighted in its Bridges to Literacy programme which sees volunteers lend a hand tutoring students from less privileged backgrounds. Their efforts were rewarded when a number of their students displayed marked academic improvement. Nadia Sani and Shavanya Savantharaja Naidu were rewarded with Certificates of Excellence from their school – SMK Sentul Baru – for outstanding academic results in their respective years.

The help does not stop there as HCK Group also provides scholarship opportunities to deserving children. Shanya Savantharaja Naidu is one such scholarship recipient and she will be pursuing a Foundation in Arts programme leading to an Honours degree in Psychology at SEGi University. Another deserving scholar is Fong Boon Siew who will join the Foundation in Arts programme before pursuing an honours degree in Computer Science, specialising in cyber security, also at SEGi University.

“A good education allows these children the chance to build self-confidence and a sense of self-worth. If we can provide that, the Foundation will have done its job,” states Ngui.

The Home provides shelter for 35 under privileged children aged between six and seventeen, and was founded in 2012 by Tan Sri Clement Hii as part of HCK Group’s CSR initiative. To find put more, please go to: