A Very Merry HCK Christmas

Christmas came early for the busy bees of HCK Capital Group. Last week, their ubiquitous light blue uniforms were replaced by vibrant red. There in the corner of the level 40 sales gallery, a merry christmas tree sat, heavy with baubles and shading a treasure trove of presents.

With the secret exchange gifts at RM100, there are bound to be many exquisite items hidden behind the thin layers of coloured wrappers. Hence there was much anticipation for the participants who sang, shouted and dined that storied evening.

Those who witnessed the event could attest to the warmth and camaraderie shared among all the employees, young or old, tall or short, male or female. 

But the event itself would not be a success if not for the spaciousness of the level 40 sales gallery, which serves as a showroom for Platinum Premium Suites.

Homebuyers looking for a seamless transition from office to home will find their match with the flexible suites offered by this development. Even more compelling is the uniquely crafted grand lobby which creates an impressive statement to captivate visitors and residents alike.

Either that or visitors can drop down to Level 39 to experience the Infinite Gallery. The application of AR and VR technology allows homes to come to the home buyers instead of them coming to the homes.

By donning the VR headgear, they are immediately transported to a unit of the Harvard Suites in edusentral @ Setia Alam. Not unlike any other property from HCK Capital which is uniquely developed, edusentral plays host to a significant educational element in the form of the Peninsula International School Australia.

Savvy investors and homebuyers know that homes nearby quality educational institutions appreciate faster besides enjoying higher rental demand.

Back to the Christmas festivities, the people of HCK Capital are enjoying a dual celebration by welcoming a new tenantTrappers Media, a creative agency which will occupy the 26th floor.

More tenants shall be coming in soon and that means more vertical neighbours. It may be early but we from all the staff of HCK Capital would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas!