A Show of Appreciation

Focus Malaysia and HCK Capital Group collaborate to organise event to honour high performing real estate agencies.

“Our success is predicated upon your hard work. We recognise that without real estate agents’ efforts, we are just another property builder,” proclaimed Tan Sri Clement Hii, Executive Chairman of HCK Capital Group (HCK). “You are the difference that has helped us achieve our success thus far and transform us into a reputable and successful property developer,”

Hii was speaking at the first annual Agency Achievement Appreciation (AAA) event that was held at the Kuala Lumpur Hilton on 23 March 2022. The gala AAA event was a collaboration between Focus Malaysia and HCK Capital Group as a means to show appreciation to real estate agencies which have performed admirably throughout the pandemic.

Acknowledging that the property segment is a prime driver towards the nation’s economic recovery, the organisers felt it was an opportune moment to celebrate and honour the real estate agencies that have kept the wheels turning during difficult times.

Hii also went on to say that the pandemic had provided many valuable lessons to the business community and that despite the challenging circumstances, it also presented new opportunities and gaps which the real estate agent can help fulfil and propel HCK to greater heights.

“By highlighting the achievements of these top performing agencies during the pandemic, we hope to inspire others to go even better as we enter the endemic phase of our economic recovery,” said Cheah Chor Sooi, Focus Malaysia’s Chief Editor. “As an independent news portal, we organised this award ceremony to highlight the great work put in by real estate professionals without prejudice and bias. It is a fair and transparent process based on tangible KPIs.”

Positive Outlook

Among the big winners on the night were Aliprop, The Great Haus, IOB, DND, Revoll and NexsGen real estate agencies which posted record sales for HCK properties. Hii alluded to this when he said that agencies have been crucial in shaping HCK into a property developer with a Gross Domestic Value of over R7 billion in just seven short years.

Since its diversification into the property sector, HCK has successfully re-styled itself as the nation’s top creator of educities – integrated developments that have an education component as its anchor. These include the Edusentral project in Setia Alam which boasts having the prestigious Peninsula International School that offers the internationally-recognised Victorian Curriculum from Australia within its development. In the bustling and mature neighbourhood of Subang Jaya, the Edumetro development is significantly boosted by the presence of SEGi University and Colleges (SEGi) which has seen great uptake of its residential and commercial components. The Edusphere development in Cyberjaya has the recently completed University of Cyberjaya campus to provide a constant stream of footfall to boost investor interest in the properties on offer.

It was highlighted during the event that in the first three months of 2022, HCK has already posted a gross sales values of 260 million which Hii says would not have been possible without the stupendous legwork carried out by real estate agencies. “The hard work put in by real estate agencies has allowed HCK to overtake many more established property industry players in just seven years and we are very grateful for your efforts,” noted Hii.

Show of Gratitude

To emphasise its gratitude towards real estate agencies and their hard working agents, the event not only presented awards for the top performers but also surprised the assembled 200-odd specially invited guests with a lucky draw. One very lucky winner walked away with a grand prize of an Ambience+ LoSo (lifestyle office small office) unit from the Edusentral project worth RM220,000. Other prizes included cash ang pows sponsored by HCK and the promise of another property to be offered as a lucky draw prize to real estate agents who successfully close on the next 50 HCK properties. This announcement seem to further invigorate the assembled guests who made their appreciation clear with whoops, whistles and thunderous applause.

The other big announcement of the night was the launch of the Titanium Roundtable programme. This is a rewards scheme designed to motivate, incentivise, monetise and recognise top performing real estate agencies and their agents. The specially-designed website will offer a plethora of prizes and rewards to agents who successfully sell HCK properties, ranging from the useful such as fast food vouchers to the luxurious such as bespoke time pieces and grand holiday packages, with the latter worth up to RM1 million.

The Titanium Roundtable membership is open to all agents who successfully sell a HCK property and they will be awarded tokens based on transaction values which they can then exchange for the prizes or rewards on the website. Many agents were seen perusing a couple of luxury vehicles that were on display at the AAA event courtesy of Wing Hin Auto Carriage Sdn Bhd and Millenium Welt Sdn Bhd. The Titanium Roundtable programme will offer car subsidies worth between RM100,000 and RM300,000 to agents who meet the targets.

The assembled guests were also invited to partake in the REAL programmes that would be offered via the Titanium Roundtable web-based platform. This is where agents can earn relevant academic qualifications via HCK’s sister company – SEGi  – allowing them to further strengthen their professional credentials. All these initiatives drove home the point that HCK is fully supportive of its real estate agencies as it strives to make further inroads into the property market in 2022.

“The AAA event and the launch of the Titanium Roundtable is how we forge successful partnerships with our agencies. It is our way of welcoming agents into HCK’s extended family,” states Hii. “It will help them achieve even greater things with the upcoming launches in Semenyih (the Hiijauan Broga development) and Damasara West (the e-Damansara project) as well as drum up interest in the now-ready HCK Tower in Damansara Perdana.”