5 Reasons Why A Corporate Address Matters To Small Businesses 

09 Jan-Landscape

A small start-up enterprise will always be thinking of ways to manage costs. One of the obvious areas small business owners look to trim expenditure on are their premises. 


Some will take the route of renting a lifestyle suite or even try setting up their business using their home address. But many overlook the various benefits of having a corporate business address.  


Believe it or not, having the right postcode could actually make or break a business! Here are some pertinent reasons to invest in a corporate office address: 


Create the Right Brand Impression 


Having the right address will go a long way towards creating the right perception among potential clients. However young, a company set up in a corporate tower sends out positive signals of ambition, growth and professionalism. A business working out of a shop house lot or even a home definitely spells ‘small time’. 


Privacy Matters 


Working from home does have its benefits but one of the major drawbacks is the lack of privacy. When personal and professional spaces overlap, this is the inevitable consequence. Potential clients visiting a home leads to all sorts of intrusiveness. 


Improve SEO ranking 


SEO is vital, especially if the business is service-oriented. Consumers very often search for ‘near me’ options and the location of the business will matter greatly. To improve your SEO ranking and establish a strong online presence, you need to set up local business listings so that your website and contact information can appear in search engines.  


Keep Parcels and Documents Secure 


A corporate business address will definitely reduce incidences of parcel theft, especially with a dedicated foyer or lobby. 


Improved Accessibility 


Most corporate addresses will be in easily accessible locations that have high foot traffic. Also, such addresses would have ample parking. A new business icon in the mature and affluent neighbourhood ticks all the above boxes – HCK Tower.  


Available are the Premier Corporate Offices which have a range of floor sizes to accommodate different business needs. For more information on the Premier Corporate Offices, please go to: https://www.hcktower.com/