Repeat Purchasers Give Ultimate Seal of Approval

HCK Capital Group is getting the ultimate customer endorsement with many returning as repeat purchasers.

Brand loyalty is the definitive aim for most businesses as this means it has succeeded in building a recognisable identity; one that engenders trust and confidence in its customers. Whilst it is commonplace among Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods, it is less so in the property market.

That is down to properties being expensive and long-term investments. Furthermore, purchase decisions are usually made based on price, location and potential ROI, not the reputation of the developer. But HCK Capital Group (HCK) is seeking to buck this trend.

“Since the launching of our education city projects, we have had quite a number of repeat customers,” says Wendy Cheow, HCK’s Marketing Director. “This bodes well for our projects as this is a sure sign of customer confidence, both in the product as well as the developer.”

She cites positive feedback from appointed real estate agents as well as staff at HCK sales galleries as the basis for optimism. “We have been getting a healthy number of repeat customers, some who return to buy more units at the same development, others who decide to invest in HCK’s other developments,” she states.

Cheow is especially pleased with this given the many obstacles the construction industry has faced due to the pandemic, ranging from rising costs of raw materials to enforced delays. “Our ability to meet our commitments and exceed customer expectations has been crucial in cultivating this brand loyalty,” she explains. “HCK is fully committed to delivering high quality properties at the agreed price and we are trying our level best to deliver vacant possession at the approved dates.”

HCK is on track to deliver vacant possession of 1,922 units of residential condominiums and commercial lots to purchasers in Q2/3 of 2022. These include 826 units of Stanford, Yale, Ambience and Signature Suites at edusentral, Shah Alam; 352 units of the Covington and Foster Suites at edusphere in Cyberjaya; 744 units of The New Duo, Oxford, Colonial Suites, Retail and Education Tower at edumetro, Subang.

“The combined sales values of these handover units exceed RM1 billion, leading to HCK being quite optimistic about the future outlook of the property market,” says Cheow. All of the above education cities are anchored by an education element which has played its part in attracting repeat customers. Cheow says that the recent confirmation of SEGi College’s imminent move into edumetro saw a good number of existing purchasers return for more.

The edusphere and edusentral developments have the Cyberjaya University and Peninsula International School as the education elements respectively. Cheow states that many previous purchasers at these developments have since recognised the rental potential of the units due to the heavy footfall these education institutions engender. Thus many have decided to double up their investments with additional units.

Cheow believes this trend of repeat customers will further rise with the introduction of HCK’s Titanium Edge programme which seeks to reward loyal customers. Those who buy HCK properties will be entitled to a whole range of rewards as an added value proposition.

“Ultimately, I believe HCK’s commitment to ensure customer satisfaction by delivering a premium product at competitive prices is driving this trend of repeat purchases,” states Cheow. “Ultimately, there is no substitute for quality.”

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