Turning Work-From-Home Into An Artform

With the rising Covid-19 cases in Singapore, people can’t help but wonder if Malaysia may experience the same situation. Those lockdown days may be over. The body count that once dominated every media channel is no longer present.

But the work-from-home culture will remain now that it has been proven that corporations can run without the need for employees to sit in office cubicles.

Anyone knows how to set up a work-from-home office, because it involves something as simple as having a desk and a laptop. But few, however, know the art of making that home office that rocks.

1/ Ergonomic devices

When work and living merges into one, we will find ourselves increasingly present at the workstation since the 9-5 work format is no longer applicable. Therefore, ergonomic keyboards and chairs will go a long way towards making you comfortable.

2/ Potted babies

Just because you are indoors doesn’t mean you can’t have living things, besides the domestic cat and dog. Potted plants not only freshen up your living space with their greenness. They also purify the air you breathe.

This is especially vital when you are spending an unprecedented amount of time in the room. But some plants do this better than others. Take for example, peace lily, spider plant, miniature rubber trees and pothos.

 3/ Ear mufflers

Never underestimate the power of a pair of ear mufflers, especially if you are working in a dense neighbourhood. Brenda next door might be having a shouting match with her husband. Alice at ground floor may be a bad piano player but she just won’t stop practising.

All these noises will break your focus, unless you love to know more about your neighbours then those ear mufflers won’t be necessary. But here is a really helpful tip. Get a flexible home with all the features for you to transition quickly from living to office.

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