Titanium Programmes Spread Profits Equitably Among Stakeholders

HCK Capital Group (HCK) believes in sharing the benefits of its success equitably with stakeholders. To achieve this, it engages Smart Asset Management to run the Titanium series of programmes.
Designed to recognise, incentivise and monetise deserving parties that helped in successfully closing sales, the Titanium programmes have been a huge hit, especially among real estate agents. Here are the three Titanium programmes:
Titanium Roundtable
The Titanium Roundtable aims to reward real estate agents who are very much the front liners when it comes to pushing the sales of HCK properties.
HCK firmly believes that by offering prizes and incentives over and above the normal commissions, real estate agents will be spurred to champion its products.
This is especially vital at a time when the property market is still finding its feet after the pandemicinduced slumber. Thus, real estate agents who make the extra effort to sell HCK properties will be duly rewarded.
Titanium Circle
HCK understands the value of wordofmouth recommendations. Therefore the Titanium Circle programme is designed to reward members of the public who help spread positive news about HCK properties.
Members of the public who help seal the deal will be entitled to a slew of attractive prizes, acting as a huge incentive for them to become unofficial salespersons.
Titanium Edge
The Titanium Edge is a loyalty programme open to anyone who purchased a HCK property. Rewards come in the form of Titanium tokens, redeemable for a host of attractive prizes, which include seminars and training sessions at HCK Real Estate Academy.
Note that a mobile app has been designed to better facilitate the distribution of rewards and benefits. Claim them easily by downloading the app at: https://smartasset.my/