Tips For Creating An Impressive Office Lobby

As the saying goes, “You only get one chance to create a first impression.” Hence businesses should always attempt to make that first impression with a grand lobby area.

It is almost akin to a physical version of the company website’s landing page. Thus sufficient attention must be given to the office lobby or foyer as it is the first point of physical contact that clients, talents and visitors will have with a company.

It is imperative that the lobby not only looks modern and functional but conveys the right message about the company’s brand values. Here are some tips to create an impressive office lobby:

Convey a strong brand message

An office lobby, apart from being comfy and practical, should always reflect the company’s brand and its core values. The brand aesthetics can be conveyed via colour or décor. Further on, elements of the company’s brand story such as the display of products will highlight its core business.

Functional and spacious

The lobby area should not only be functional but be as spacious as the square footage allows. With the former, there should be enough tables and chairs to accommodate visitors while the latter ensures the foyer is not overly cramped.

The clever design of the foyer will allow it to be both comfortable and welcoming, two essential elements for a great lobby.

Making it a social space

An energetic environment always makes a great first impression. Hence, many companies use the lobby as a place for people to socialise, make plans, and prepare for the workday. Hence the lobby may contain individual desks, group meeting areas, and even event spaces.

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