Three Qualities Of A Good Real Estate Agent

Finding the right home can be difficult, especially if you have a tight budget or special requirement that needs to be met. Therefore it is important that you find a good real estate agent to represent your interest. But what traits are we looking for?

1/ The ultimate busybody

A good agent is a real busybody. He doesn’t know the next birthday party in town or if someone’s cat got stuck in a tree. But he knows when that one acre of land in the neighbourhood is getting developed into a residential property. He is also able to tell you the upcoming infrastructure projects within the area under his portfolio. This knowledge is important because the value of a property is not only determined by the property itself, but by the surrounding landscape.

2/ He got a big, long list

Experienced agents should have a long range of properties for you to browse. Some agents may specialise in the residential section while others may diversify into commercial or even industrial. Those starting out in their profession usually have a small list, and their inexperience can be a problem. Hence the thumb rule that usually won’t go wrong is, “the longer the list, the better he is.” Just make sure the agent is not referring to his monopoly collection!

3/ Jack of all trades

Nowadays, there are plenty of apps and websites available to connect the buyer and seller. Therefore agents need to do more than just make sales as in the past. Good agents provide value by advising their clients during the purchase process until the handover of the keys and beyond.

How to increase your chance of having your loan approved? What are the hidden costs? What to do when you find defects in your new home? Visualise a good real estate agent as a lawyer, surveyor, salesman, and marriage counsellor, all rolled up into one.

Having a good real estate agent can be a real game changer for a home buyer. But ideally, every individual should possess the necessary knowledge to unlock their wealth through property.

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