Speakeasy the Peninsula Way

Peninsula uses co- and extra-curricular activities as a means of strengthening students’ English proficiency.

One of the key skills Peninsula students are drilled in is in the sphere of public speaking. But instead of a pressure cooker learning environment, Peninsula teachers guide their charges via a series of fun and stimulating projects.

Year 4 students were recently challenged to do presentations on endangered animals as part of their Inquiry and Investigation module of their English curriculum. Not only did the students learn plenty about various endangered species but they also got the chance to show off their oratory skills.

In the friendly and positive environment of Peninsula classrooms, these students were given the chance to boost their public speaking skills. With an attentive audience and always helpful teachers, students were visibly encouraged and had their confidence boosted.

“Mastering the English language is most definitely a key reason why parents send their children to international schools,” explains Felix Lee, Executive Director at HCK Capital Group’s Education Division. “We recognise that to do so students must be given ample opportunity to flex their linguistic muscles, not just in formal classroom settings but in the more relaxed environment that is provided by extra- and co-curricular activities.”

Lee says that the students’ activities calendar is filled with plenty of events that are designed to build confidence in this aspect. “Students are almost always expected to speak about their experiences and constant usage is the best way to learn a language,” he underlines. “Peninsula’s personalised teaching approach also let us gauge a student’s proficiency level allowing us to tailor lessons and activities to suit each individual student.”

Judging by the confident manner in which Peninsula students spoke about their chosen topics certainly highlight their ease at speaking in English in front of an audience. “Once students are comfortable speaking in public, their ability to learn and improve their English skills increase exponentially,” says Lee. “It is our profound belief that Peninsula is able to get children to not only master the English language but also have plenty of fun whilst doing it.”

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