Agency Rewarded for Record-Breaking Numbers

Real estate agency is spurred by rewards programme to set record-breaking sales numbers.

NexsGen was again named the top performing real estate agency for the months of March and April of this year based on the sales of properties by HCK Group. This was announced under the Titanium Roundtable programme which is designed to recognise, incentivise and reward top performing agencies.

NexsGen had also swept the previous two months’ award making it the pace making agency which has had the best track record in terms of converting commercial and residential (excluding corporate) properties under the HCK Group. Since the start of the year, NexsGen has led the way with sales of HCK properties exceeding RM100 million. NexsGen agents had been wined and dined on a luxury yacht trip for its previous months’ achievement, whilst this time round they will be rewarded with an exclusive viewing of the Aston Martin SUV (and other models) at the bespoke automaker’s showroom in Kuala Lumpur. Dubbed the most powerful SUV on the road, guests will get a close up look at what separates Aston Martin from its competitors.

According to Dato’ Joseph Hii, HCK Group’s Executive Director for Growth and Alliances, the Titanium programmes are designed to boost sales with attractive rewards for those who achieve their targets. “We see real estate agents as very much part of the HCK family. They are our front liners and they are an essential conduit in our sales process, without whom our industry would be in jeopardy,” he explains. “We understand the last two years have been tough due to the pandemic putting a handbrake on the property market. Now, it’s time to make up for lost time and we recognise the many real estate agents doing their utmost to get the industry back on track. HCK believes such real estate professionals and their respective agencies should be rewarded for their efforts.”

Hii also points out that besides the Roundtable programme for real estate agents, there will soon be Circle and Edge programmes under the Titanium umbrella. These will be designed to promote brand loyalty and repeat purchasers. In another generous move to incentivise real estate agents, HCK Group will also be putting up another of its properties as lucky draw prize for agents that have successfully converted a HCK property within the stipulated time frame.

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