Preparing Students for IR 4.0

Peninsula International School to launch its digital hub to prepare students for the challenges of IR 4.0.

‘STEM’ is the new byword in education with more parents keen on a syllabus for their offspring which emphasises science, technology, engineering and maths. These core subjects have been identified as the key areas which will experience great innovation and advances as civilisation enters the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

To prepare students for IR 4.0, Peninsula International School (Peninsula) will be launching its PISA Hub on 28 May 2022 in conjunction with its Open Day at its Setia Alam campus. It is a digital and technology hub featuring the latest in cutting edge educational software and hardware in the fields of robotics, 3D imaging, coding and the Internet of Things.

The launch of the PISA Hub is very much in line with Peninsula’s education philosophy of nurturing creativity through practical experiences. The new equipment will allow students to feel, touch and experience for themselves the latest technological advancements which is more exciting and interactive than just reading a text book.

According to HCK Group’s Education Division’s executive director, Felix Lee, the launch of the PISA Hub is a concerted attempt to activate the imaginations of students. “Most international schools will teach the theoretical aspect of these topics and maybe touch upon the design aspect but Peninsula will offer the full spectrum whereby students get to experience and enjoy the practical aspects of these lessons,” he expounds. Lee points to the excitement and glee that students had when allowed to use the newly arrived drones in the science experiments. “It makes the learning experience more fun and interactive,” he explains. “Watching a drone take off is infinitely more captivating than just listening a teacher drone on.”

The PSA Hub will feature gadgets designed to bring latest digital technology into the classroom. Virtual and Artificial Reality devices will be utilised to stimulate students’ creative processes as well as help them see the practical aspects of technology in everyday life, and that technology is not limited to gaming consoles.

“Peninsula also understands that many parents are concerned their children are becoming gaming addicts. We aim to channel children’s fascination with the digital and virtual realms into a love for STEM by showing how these subjects are the foundations of IR 4.0,” explains Lee. “PISA Hub and the equipment we have invested in is meant to plant the seeds of curiosity about things such as the metaverse.”

Ultimately, this digital and technology hub is Peninsula’s concerted attempt to bring education into the 21st century by incorporating elements that students are familiar with. “Instead of just making them study text books, we use Apps. With the 3D printer, students get to create what they are thinking and this is how Peninsula aims to promote STEM,” says Lee. “The best way to understand IR 4.0 is to have students experience it themselves.”

Parents and potential students are invited to experience for themselves the benefits of the PISA Hub at its upcoming Open Day on 28 May 2022. For more information, kindly call: 03-50338000.