Peninsula Joins Positive Education Schools Association

The Positive Education Schools Association (PESA) recently recruited a new member to its well-established community – Peninsula International School Australia, Malaysia campus. Peninsula, now a part of this professional body as an Institutional Member, is entitled to many benefits not just for its institution, but especially for its students, teachers and parents.

This institutional membership includes five annual individual memberships. The five staff members nominated for individual membership will have full access to PESA’s website resources, including their online Positive Education Guide.

They will also receive termly newsletters by email, be invited to PESA professional development events and have the chance to take part in state chapter activities in their home state.

If you’re wondering what the purpose of PESA is in today’s education landscape, its vision is for the science of wellbeing and positive psychology to be integrated throughout the education system, which in turn enables all students, schools and communities to flourish.

While previous, and some current, approaches to education in schools have solely been academically-driven, this implementation of positive education is a fresh perspective, opening up social and emotional channels which are almost always overlooked, especially in schools in Malaysia.

According to Peninsula’s Principal, Mr. Guy Cassarchis, the school officially became an Institutional Member of PESA early this year.

The strategic priorities and key initiatives of the association include promoting and engaging the Positive Education framework while strengthening and communicating the evidence behind Positive Education. It also aims to equip educators with the resources they need by identifying evidence-based practices and resources.

Other initiatives include facilitating collaboration, where there is the annual national conference as a networking and professional development event, the convening of state chapters and the providing of support and linkages to resource-constrained schools.

By leading, promoting and fostering the implementation and development of Positive Education, PESA strives to better the existing education system, and improve the wellbeing of the school unit as a whole.


*As an Institutional member of PESA, Peninsula International School Australia, Malaysia Campus is now able to use PESA’s Institutional Member logo on their website and in other marketing materials in accordance with PESA’s policy to indicate the school’s commitment to wellbeing, and its support of PESA.