Open Edu Week Kicks Off in Both HCK Schools

With learning getting back to the traditional classroom setting after the extended spell of online learning over the year, Imperial and Peninsula are happy to host the “Open Edu Week” event as 2021 closes off in anticipation of the new year.

Running from 26th November to 17th December in Imperial, and from 29th November to 10th December in Peninsula, each week will be allocated for different age groups. There will be activities designed specially for parents, teachers and students alike.

This will involve learning about the benefits of personalised learning, meeting up with the teachers, a school tour, and getting an insight on the curriculums used and the various enrolment promotions being offered.

The schools are ready to go full force with the return of students to their physical classrooms.

This Open Edu Week will not only reach out to a wider spectrum of potential students, but will give more opportunities to returning students to have better prospects for their future learning journeys and careers.