Nexsgen Among Top Performers For HCK properties

Despite the tough economic climate and the many pandemic related challenges facing the property industry, Nexsgen real estate agency has been undeterred as it went on to record high sales for HCK Capital Group properties for the months of September and October. In fact, Nexsgen has been the top performer in this regard for five consecutive months underlining its expertise and credentials as a blue chip real estate agency able to manoeuvre through choppy market conditions.

Key to boosting real estate agency success has been the Titanium Roundtable programmes. Powered by Smart Asset Marketing, the Titanium Roundtable programmes is designed to recognise, reward, incentivise and monetise real estate professionals who hit sales targets, specifically of properties under the HCK Capital Group banner.  The scheme is devised to boost growth within the property sector by providing added incentives over and above the normal commissions earned from property sales.

While the Roundtable programme is designed to boost real estate agent performances, the Titanium series also include schemes to encourage referrals as well as enhance brand loyalty with attractive rewards for repeat purchasers.

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