New Term Starts with Mini Workshop on Immersive Learning

A new term and new start. After a prolonged hiatus, Peninsula International School welcomed new students into the realm of physical learning with an admissions orientation day on 15 Jan 2022. Apart from the usual uniform fitting and other administrative necessities, students were also treated to a mini workshop on ‘Immersive learning’.

Conducted by Peninsula’s Head of Innovation and Technology – Chris Gavin – the session was designed to invoke students’ natural sense of curiosity and wonder. Students were given a taster of the year ahead with tips on how to apply hands on learning techniques as well as on what constitutes immersive learning.

“One of the key messages we stressed during the mini workshop was that ‘practice makes perfect’. With students back on campus, teachers will be on hand to guide and monitor students up close and personal,” explains Gavin. “However, should circumstances force students back onto online learning, parents can rest assured that Peninsula is fully prepared to deliver lessons that are stimulating, lively and immersive to ensure students remain engaged.”