Making the Right Property Decision

Good time for own use buyers to capitalise on Edusphere’s unique selling points, not least the many advantages of its Cyberjaya address.

With the world attempting to step out of the shadow of the pandemic, global events have further complicated the economic outlook with the spectre of prolonged war in the Ukraine. Property purchasers are faced with issues of volatile markets, difficulties in securing end financing, the prospect of late delivery as well as the long term viability of projects.

“Buyers need to thoroughly consider these factors before taking the plunge to ensure they get to enjoy the maximum benefits of owning a particular property,” advises Wendy Cheow, Marketing Director for HCK Capital Group. “Careful research and analysis of all available information will ensure purchasers arrive at sound conclusions.”

A project that Cheow is keen to highlight is Edusphere – a 24-acre, freehold development in the heart of the ultra-modern suburb of Cyberjaya. This mixed development can be easily located as it is flanked by two fast food franchises – KFC and McD’s – ensuring there is a constant flow of visitors to the development site. Comprising of six residential towers, vibrant commercial units as well as the purpose-built Cyberjaya University within its blue print, Edusphere boasts a number of factors that make it a solid investment for purchasers, in particular those looking to buy for their own use.

A Booming Location

“‘Location. Location. Location’ is a well-trodden cliché in property circles but it remains a truism that a property’s value is pretty much defined by its location,” states Cheow. She is keen to point out that the once-popular perception that Cyberjaya is “out of the way” no longer holds true. Improved accessibility and connectivity via a network of highways such as the Maju Expressway (MEX) mean that Cyberjaya is just a half hour’s drive (or less) to Kuala Lumpur City Centre. “This is an important factor for working professionals who need to travel into the City Centre for work,” says Cheow. “Edusphere’s small, lifestyle oriented office units appeal to working professionals who want a work and living space that is well connected and will allow them to commute easily.” This factor is further enhanced by the added convenience of MT stations servicing Cyberjaya.

Cyberjaya’s proximity to both the Kuala Lumpur International Airports also bodes well for developments in Cyberjaya. This is because Cyberjaya has a large number of multi-national corporations with expatriate workforce who see this as a crucial benefit when staying in the locale. Cheow also states that the LoSo (Lifestyle office, Small Office) units at Cyberjaya tend to appeal to outstation locals who will constantly travel by air. Similarities can even be drawn with Subang Jaya when it was first developed in the 1970s and its proximity to the Subang Airport was seen as a key selling point for certain target groups such as cabin crew members and the many others who worked at the country’s then largest airfield. KLIA is a much larger air hub and these same type of workers will see Cyberjaya as an ideal base for them.

All Mod Cons

“Ask any property buyer and safety will always be a key consideration,” counsels Cheow. “An area’s viability is greatly determined by perception of its crime rate.” This is where Cyberjaya comes up trumps as it has an extremely low crime rate with dedicated police stations serving the area. Cyberjaya’s safety rating is greatly enhanced by the fact that it is a fairly new development meaning almost all developments feature some form of security enhancement. Most, if not all, will be gated communities and have round-the-clock security guards and CCTV surveillance. “Newer projects such as Edusphere will have the latest in security technology and the Internet of Things will be a bigger feature adding to a convenient, modern lifestyle,” states Cheow.

Modern conveniences such as fiber optic connectivity is another attraction for today’s dweller. “The internet is at the heart of everything we do today. Cyberjaya was visualised as a modern smart city and almost every development in the area will be well connected. Edupshere is no different with its commercial and small office units designed for modern businesses that place great emphasis on digital connectivity and are broadband ready,” says Cheow.

A Neat Development

Given that Cyberjaya was conceived from scratch, its blueprint is well thought out and makes provisions for neat, future expansions, rather than a hodge podge of structures erected almost in an ad hoc fashion that typically characterises older suburbs (think Cheras and its myriad of under-planned ‘Tamans’).

A quick visit to Cyberjaya will reveal well-planned roads, parks and well segmented commercial and residential areas alongside the multitude of tertiary education institutes dotting the area. “Unlike older developments which grow organically to meet demand, Cyberjaya is a well-planned city with plenty of amenities,” states Cheow. She points to the multitude of lakes and parks that give Cyberjaya its spacious and green character which appeal to young families who want quality public spaces to enjoy a more outdoor-type lifestyle.


Cyberjaya is home to a multitude of education institutions, both private and public, catering to all age groups. These include Multimedia University and the luscious campus of King Henry VIII College as well as the purpose built Cyberjaya University within Edupshere. “What this means is that Cyberjaya will always have a healthy student population that will feed the commercial and retail districts with steady footfall,” explains Cheow. “Established institutions such as Lim Kok Wing University had previously boosted the rental sector of Cyberjaya. These days more people are looking to buy especially if they have a child who will require accommodation in the area and later rent it out or sell it on for a healthy profit.”

The plethora of education institutions bode well for Cyberjaya as the availability of such amenities is key to the long term prospects of the locale. “Property prices are determined by a number of factors and having quality education options available make a locale that much more family-friendly,” counsels Cheow. “Cyberjaya also has national- and vernacular-type schools offering residents an overabundance of education choices.”

Investing for the Future

“One musn’t look at Cyberjaya just for today but what it will look like in five, or even ten years down the line,” Cheow explains. “Its population stands at just over 100,000 today but this is set to grow exponentially over the next few years as more people seek more modern and balanced developments to live in.”

Cyberjaya offers a setting that is ideal for young families looking for an active lifestyle with wholesome family-centric activities in the retail and commercial sectors.

Cheow further adds that the unique design of Edusphere’s units mean they represent great flexibility for owner and potential future users. She points to the Atelier Plus units which can be used for commercial, small office or even lifestyle living quarters that allow for unparalleled flexibility, allowing for a multitude of uses. “Whether it be for investment or own use, Cyberjaya is a great location with fantastic potential,” she concludes. “The Edusphere project is a great opportunity for property buyers to take full advantage of the location before prices inevitably start to rise. Edusphere’s competitive pricing alone should attract plenty of interest and those with experience in property investment should know a good thing when they see one.”

Visitors are invited to visit Edusphere’s at its show gallery to get a real feel of the unique and functional designs of its properties or visit for a virtual tour.