Make the HCK *GIVE ME F.I.V.E* campaign work for you

It has been a tendency for many people to hold back on their investment plans to better regulate their financial risks during times of uncertainties.

At HCK Group, we truly understand such reservation. A firm believer that opportunities abound amid adversities, we have rolled out the COVID CHALLENGE Campaign to address key concerns encountered by purchasers in today’s economic climate.

One initiative under the COVID CHALLENGE campaign to bolster our clients’ confidence is the *GIVE ME F.I.V.E* campaign which provides the following incentives for selected properties in the HCK stable:

  • *Fully Furnished* units which provide convenience yet functional for immediate stay or investment.
  • *Interest Assistance Scheme* that offers great savings during construction period.
  • *Value Guarantee* that protects property value from potential value downside yet reserving potential gains from capital appreciation.
  • *Extra Financing* that secures financing needs of purchasers for their initial down payment that may not be covered by the panel banks.

To learn more about the *GIVE ME F.I.V.E* campaign, simply visit our sales galleries (edusentral @ Setia alam, edusphere @ Cyberjaya or edumetro @ Subang Jaya) or call 03-7890 1313 for immediate information.

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