In Pursuit of Happiness

Peninsula students reveal their inner selves with the universal language of emojis.  

Children spend their formative years in school. It is thus essential that the school environment is a happy place that will positively impact their mental and emotional development. In this regard, staff and teachers at Peninsula International School (Peninsula) are always looking to go that extra mile to ensure that the school is a safe, secure and ultimately, happy place for students. This was highlighted with the recent celebration of International Happiness Day where Peninsula’s Primary Pastoral Care and Well-being Department and Art Department collaborated for the Smiley Emoji Project. 

“We decided to tap into the artistic & creative side of the Peninsula community for this joyous occasion with the Smiley Emoji Project. Everyone got to paint their very own smiley emoji canvas during Art class in a way that makes them feel happy. The canvases were then compiled and put up as a mural on some of the walls around our school. We hope to spread more smiles and feelings of joy through the Smiley Emoji Project,” explains Jacqueline Vincent, Head of Special Needs Education at Peninsula, who co-ordinated the Smiley Emoji project 

The Smiley Emojis project is a perfect illustration of Peninsula’s holistic approach to learning – emojis are today very much part of a child’s communication tools and it is a simple yet effective way to get students to express themselves.  Peninsula’s teachers recognise that the advent of mobile gadgets in the digital era has redefined communications and that it is no longer confined to formal languages. Absorbing new pedagogue into Peninsula’s everyday culture will only benefit the children and make them more comfortable in their learning environment.   

Judging from the many smiling faces and the raucous laughter throughout the day as students painted their emojis, it can safely be said that the Smiley Emoji Project achieved its intended objectives. Peninsula takes great pride in that it adopts a personalised teaching approach where the syllabus is tailored to meet individual student needs. Instead of forced rote learning and a one-size-fits-all approach, Peninsula educators curate content that best suits individual student’s strengths. This includes activities such as the Smiley Emoji Project which seeks to enhance children’s mental and emotional well-being; making Peninsula a truly happy place for students to absorb their lessons. 

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