Imperial Helps Students with English Workshops

English proficiency is a central theme in international education here. Many parents fork out the extra expenses so that their children are exposed to a full-English curriculum. On the flip side, it is also a hindering factor as some parents feel their children will struggle to cope with a syllabus not based on their mother tongue.

To assuage parents’ concerns, Imperial International School, Ipoh (Imperial) recently held a series of English language workshops. Open to children aged between five and eleven years old, the workshops were designed to highlight the many methods utilised by Imperial academic staff to deliver English lessons. Participants were privy to Imperial’s famed personalised teaching methods whereby lessons are tailor-made to suit individual students’ needs. This is hugely important in avoiding a pressure cooker environment where students struggle to keep up with lessons.

More than a mere marketing gimmick, the English language workshops were a genuine effort by Imperial to share its academic expertise with the greater Ipoh community. The workshops focused on several key areas such as instructional writing through baking brownies, creative writing and use of adjectives in making friendship bracelet, allowing academics to help parents assess their children’s English proficiency.

Dozens of children participated in the workshops and their peals of laughter clearly suggest they had a blast doing the linguistic exercises. The children seemed to enjoy the creative writing workshop the best as Imperial teachers shared tips on how to let their imagination loose without going awry on grammar. Whether these students decide to register at Imperial or not, all of them would have taken something positive from the experience.

Parents were also given a further glimpse into Imperial’s commitment to improving students’ English capabilities when they were showed the impressive and comprehensive collection of printed material in its library, with a promise of more to come. But this was just no pointless overstocking as parents were briefed on the many initiatives Imperial implements to cultivate a reading habit among its students.

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