How to Escape the Sweltering Heat

Many Malaysians are sweating buckets, even when at home, due to recent region-wide heatwave. Not everyone can afford the energy bills that come with air-conditioners constantly on full blast. Climate change will ensure that such heatwaves will be very much part of our existence for years to come.
So how can heat-stroked Malaysians find some cool comfort in their own homes? Here are a few options:

Old School Fans
Instead of racking high electricity bills with non-stop usage of air-conditioners, why not have a few old school stand fans circulating the air inside your homes? There are a huge variety available online including large industrial units that can really help cool overheated houses. Many of them also offer a retro “steam punk” aesthetic, adding to the cool factor.

Blinds and Curtains Help
As simple as it may sound, the right coloured blinds or curtains can immensely reduce heat inside your home, especially in rooms or spaces with direct sunlight. Just having them down during the hottest times of the day can reduce temperatures by a few notches, and it costs next to nothing in maintenance or energy bills once installed.

Game Changing Greenery
Without a doubt the best long-term solution would be to buy a home in an area nestled in lush greenery. A hillside covered in natural splendour would provide respite all year round from the heat. With cool morning mists offering almost Highland-type relief from the swelter found in many inner city areas, potential property purchasers are seriously mulling options slightly further away from congested city centres, where the prices are also incidentally, more affordable.

The baking hot weather have left many willing to trade overcrowded suburbs for an area where lush greenery is the main attraction. A garden or green lifestyle appeals across age spans with both young and old buyers certainly mulling the daily comforts of a home nestled in nature. Many of these buyers are also looking for more than just a few metres of jogging track or miniscule garden lots, knowing full well that properties with access to proper outdoor amenities will appreciate greatly in the future.

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