How to choose the right carpets for your office

Floor space occupies large amount of square footage in any office. It is thus hugely important that organisations choose the right type of flooring treatment to fit budget, usage and, most importantly, create the right impression.

Carpets remain a highly popular choice for many organisations. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the type of carpet for a work space.


The duration an organisation stay at its present location will greatly affect this decision. A number of companies prefer short term leases to allow flexibility and fluidity to deal with changing business climate. Hence, the carpets used will only need to last the duration of the tenancy. In such instances, the priority can be on aesthetics and design with a shorter life span type of carpet.

If an organisation has bought its own office space, it makes sense to choose carpets that are designed to be durable and long lasting.


Obviously, how much foot traffic the carpet will endure is a pertinent consideration. Private offices and conference rooms may require lower levels of carpet resilience due to moderate use, while corridors and common areas typically receive heavy use.

Special attention may be reserved for lobby or waiting area as this is where many visitors will get a first impression of the organisation. Plush and luxurious carpeting may be a good idea for such areas.

Ease of Maintenance

How often will a carpet need cleaning and maintenance? Regular maintenance will ensure the carpet will last longer but do remember such cleaning may be disruptive to office environment, not to mention costly. Most offices will opt for carpets that can be easily cleaned by the regular janitor crew without needing visits from a carpet specialist. A spilled cup of coffee or ink from a printer should not create a disaster zone needing professional help.

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