Hiijauan Broga, Homes For Multi-Generational Living

Lee and his family have been Klang Valley residents for over a decade, making the journey back to their hometown in Kuantan to visit his parents every few months. However, he has been pining to see his now-retired parents more often as they are getting older.

“I wish we could have a home big enough to accommodate my parents,” he opined loudly to his spouse.

“It’d be nice if we could afford a house surrounded by greenery which would allow them to enjoy evening walks.”

Lee’s children were also in agreement as they missed seeing their ‘kong kong’ and ‘por por’ on a more regular basis, not just during school holidays.

Mrs. Lee took the initiative to further explore the idea. Initial proposals for a semi-dee or a purpose-built bungalow were non-starters due to the high price of land in Klang Valley. Affordability was a key issue for the Lees.

They decided to consult a real estate agent to find a home to meet their specific criteria. To their surprise, the real estate agent immediately said that a development by the name of Hiijauan Broga would fit their needs perfectly.

Located in Semenyih, the development was next to the popular hiking trail that is Broga Hill. She informed the Lees that the development has plenty of greenery with the homes revolving around the green and smart concept.

Further on, terrace link villas are planned in Hiijauan Broga. These homes will have two units under one roof which is ideal for extended family arrangements.

What really caught the attention of the Lees, was the expected starting price, making it among the most competitive properties in the Klang Valley. The fact that the developer, HCK Capital Group, has a solid reputation for delivering on its promises, also filled them with confidence.

Lee was sure his parents would love the idea of being a close-knit family again, living near each other.

Want to be like the Lees? Then register for early-bird interest in Hiijauan Broga at: https://www.hiijauanbroga.com/