Here’s Why You Need Your Home Near Schools

The smart homebuyer already knows that the surrounding amenities have a strong influence towards the value of their property. After all, a property in a bad place is like having chicken rice without chicken or nasi lemak with the lemak. Well, you get the point. However, some amenities are better than others and take the form of educational institutions. Here’s why:

So many tenants, so little time

Every property investor’s worst nightmare is the long-vacant period of their rental unit. With a nearby educational institution attracting students, teachers and families with children, the tenancy rate is bound to go up. That also means a higher rental yield.

Wake Them Up 

Development in untested places carries risks such as the place remaining dormant even after the project has been completed. Universities and colleges have a way of waking up a sleepy town or a rural area compared to other amenities.

These institutions give a sharp boost in job and educational opportunities, pulling in more population. This boom serves to enrich the area, and property prices will climb.

Safety first

Universities, colleges and schools usually have security guards patrolling the area. Then there are the usual parents waiting for their kids to come out. All these extra pairs of eyes serve as natural surveillance that deter potential crime from happening.

But enough about the benefits. Homes do not simply appreciate in value if they are near a university or college. What matters most is that the educational institution is run by an organisation with a long track record of providing quality education.

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